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makes the
dream work.

Our Team


Benite Jeune


Our fearless founder, Benite Jeune, was born and raised in Haiti. Educated in the U.S. and Canada, Benite brings his unique perspective and passionate resolve to bring positive social and economic change to his country.


Judson Nenes

ICCV Principal

Judson is a founding member  of the school. He is a dedicated leader who takes ownership, lives our values, and produces successful results.


Marie Ange Joseph

Kindergarten Director

Marie Ange is an entrepreneur at heart. She instills values of hard work and perseverance in our students at an early age. She is well able to run her own school, so we are grateful she has partnered with ICCV. 

These are just a few leaders from our incredible team. Every teacher, construction worker, cook, cleaner, and administrator plays a vital role at Rise Haiti. When strong individuals come together in unity around a vision, great things happen.
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